Ethical issues that relate to personnel, including boards, staff, and volunteers.

As part of the course project in Week 3, you need to research any recent ethical issues faced by your selected NPO from W1 Assignment 3. Consider any ethical issues that relate to personnel, including boards, staff, and volunteers. In addition, you need to consider any programmatic or operational issues. Identify one or more Web sites or other books that may assist you in developing a case study. The range of ethical issues facing an NPO can vary widely, and typically these are not criminal complaints. They have more to do with the choices that NPOs make regarding the raising and dispersal of funds.

Create a report including the following:

  • Meet your NPO liaison and key personnel to discuss any recent ethical issues faced by the NPO.
  • Select one issue to evaluate and discuss in great detail.
  • Write a summary that examines how these issues were addressed and handled by key personnel.

Write a 2- to 3-page case study including the following components:

  • A detailed description of the ethical issue, stating only the facts and not offering any recommendations at this point.
  • Discussion on how the issue was addressed and handled by appropriate administrators.
  • Summary that addresses outcomes.
  • Recommendations that are aligned with key theories and concepts from course lectures and readings.

Submit your assignment in a 3- to 4-page Microsoft Word document.


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