EXAM 4 History

5 short answer questions 2 essay questions. This exam covers Chapters 13-16 in the textbook.

George Brown Tindall and David Emory Shi, America: A Narrative History (11th Edition, Volume 1) ISBN # 978-0-393-66893-3

Joshua D. Rothman, Reforming America, 1815-1860. ISBN # 978-0-393-93226-3

1.Popular Sovereignty

2.Free Soil Party

3.Brooks-Sumner Affair of 1856

4.Battle of Fredericksburg

5.Compromise of 1877

6.Describe the antislavery movement from the earliest colonization societies up to the 1850s. Explain how different abolitionists viewed slavery, how they differed with one another, and with the Free Soil philosophy. Also explain how the antislavery movement was an example of the larger divide between the North and the South.

7.Describe the course of Reconstruction.  What were the various plans offered by President Lincoln, President Johnson, and Congress?  What acts and constitutional amendments were most important to the Reconstruction effort?  What types of arguments arose surrounding the issue of Reconstruction?  How did Reconstruction policies attempt to help the newly emancipated slaves, and were those policies successful?  How did Southerners react to Reconstruction?


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