EXPERIENCE WITH THEOLOGY ESSAY INSTRUCTIONSAs you start your course in the discipline of theology, there is awareness that few students have formally studied the topic of theology in an academic setting. However, as has been said, everyone is a theologian, because everyone has thoughts about God. The question is whether or not a person is a good theologian. How do you form your thoughts of who God is and what God does? Your past? Your experiences? The Bible? These are important questions and considerations that will be explored throughout the course.

For this module/week’s essay, you will be asked to write a 250–300-word essay answering the following 2 prompts:

1. When you hear the word theology, what comes to your mind? (125–150 words)2. Besides a passing grade, what do you hope to get out of this course over the next eight modules/weeks? (125–150 words)


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