Explain how healthcare organizations can create value for their patients.

This Reflection Assignment is an opportunity for to demonstrate what you have learned about key learning objectives in this course.  I enjoy reading your reflections as they provide strong evidence of not only what you have learned but also how you have been able to apply it with real-world examples.  For this assignment, you are asked to use your own words to answer the questions below about important concepts in this course.  In particular, it is important for you to not merely recite theory that is in the textbook or available online, but rather explain it your own words what the concept means and then demonstrate your synthesis of knowledge by providing applicable examples.

The plagiarism software TurnItIn will be used to ensure that you are explaining what you have learned using your own thoughts and words.  Points will be deducted for plagiarism greater than 3% match. Depending upon the severity, plagiarism violations may result in the failure of the course and/or submission of an academic integrity violation to the university. Create a word document and answer the questions below. Use a maximum of 250-300 words to answer each of the questions and be sure to provide in-depth responses to demonstrate your knowledge. Short answers do not adequately demonstrate what you have learned. Please review the Reflection Assignment Grading Rubric prior to submission.

1. Explain how healthcare organizations can create value for their patients.

2. Describe ways in which healthcare organizations use marketing.

3. Consider all you have learned in this course.  Select the most meaningful topic(s) you have learned in this course and discuss how you will be able to use these in your professional career.


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