This chapter focuses on family and you will first attach a drawing of your family and then answer the questions below.  You will also need to read this article to answer some of the questions:

Drawing/Diagram (not a photograph) of your family:  Make sure to attach a file – you can draw this and then scan and attach a pdf or you can do it in paint, or a powerpoint slide, however you’d like.  Make sure you attach the file.

Then answer the following questions (number them in your post).

  • 1) Why did you draw your family this way?    Why did you include/not include people, significance, etc.
  • 2) What is the most important thing in your family?
  • 3) What are gender roles like in your family?
  • 4) What makes your family happy?

These next questions pertain to the article and intercultural families.

  • 5) What differences do you think exist among cultures in family structures and everyday life?
  • 6) What similarities do you think exist among cultures in family structures and everyday life?
  • 7) What are the 3 main take-aways you think come from this article about Dutch families and raising children? (basically the 3 main points you think are from this article).

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