Film: Transformation

report must be at least 700 words

Film: Transformation

Step One: Watch both of these videos: and

Step Two: Write a four-paragraph essay about one movie–preferably your favorite–that you watched in which you learned from the transformation the main character (whether the hero or villain).

  1. In the first paragraph:
    Provide the title, date, and director of the film, as well as a brief summary of the film in your own words.
  2. In the second paragraph:
    Choose one character. Describe the character before his/her/their transformation.
  3. In the third paragraph:
    • Describe the exact scene or scenes when the character transforms him, her, themselves.
    • Describe the obstacles he/she/they overcome.
    • Is there a recognition or reversal as described by Aristotle? If so, describe.
    • What were the lessons learned by the character?

5. In the fourth paragraph:

  • Does the observer experience a catharsis, as described by Aristotle when watching this film?
  • What can an observer learn about the character and the transformation? Provide examples
    using scenes in the film.
  • Did the character’s transformation relate to your own life? If so, how?
  • Can you apply any of the lessons learned to your own life? If so, how?

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