Final Project: Finalize Introduction

In previous weeks, you have drafted the literature review, general-purpose statement, and background for the proposal for the final project. This week, you will:

  • Finalize the introduction section of your proposal for the research project by revising and editing the introduction section. Make sure that you have included at least one paragraph for the research problem, followed by the related literature about the problem, and then indicated any deficiencies you found in the literature.
  • Conclude the introduction section by stating your general-purpose statement of the research project based on this week’s readings and lectures. This is where the formal statement of your specific research questions or hypothesis belongs, as well as theory associated with your research project’s objectives.
  • Finalize the literature review section.

Remember to incorporate concepts and terminologies learned from your textbook and lectures.

Complete this section of your paper in a Microsoft Word document. There is no page limit or requirement for the introduction section. Cite sources in the correct APA format.


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