Flood Mitigation

This assignment should take about 3 hours to complete. The purpose of this assignment is to describe how building codes, land use planning, and other measures are used to mitigate risks from flooding and to explore the National Flood Insurance Program. Write short answers (a few sentences) to the following questions:

3.a. List five ways in which building codes and land use planning can mitigate flood hazards.

3.b. What are some specific measures that homeowners can take to mitigate risks from flooding?

3.c. What are some specific measures that communities can take to mitigate flood hazards?

3.d. What are some of the major barriers to mitigation of flood hazards?

3.e. Explore the National Flood Insurance Program site. View a few video testimonials and check out the flood risk profile for your current residence. What are the advantages and disadvantages to flood insurance coverage for homeowners? Would you purchase flood insurance for your home or personal property? Why or why not?


Federal Emergency Management Agency. (2012). FEMA Fact Sheet: Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration. Retrieved from LINK HERE

Federal Emergency Management Agency. (2011). FEMA Fact Sheet: Mitigation’s Value to Society. Retrieved from LINK HERE

Take a look at the work of the Multi-hazard Mitigation Council (MMC) http://www.nibs.org/?page=mmc_projects

Scroll down and look for the report Hazard Mitigation Saves: An Independent Study to Assess the Future Savings from Mitigation Activities

Review Volume 1: Findings and Recommendations and Chapters of interest to you in Volume 2.


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