FNSFPL502 Conduct Complex Financial Planning Research

Assessment Task 1

Evaluate the client’s current situation and identify the issues

The first assessment involves the evaluation of the case study allocated to you, to assess the client’s current situation and identify the issues. This requires that you: undertake an analysis of the integrity of information provided by the client, identify and quantify the client objectives and expectations and test them for viability, and establish the basis for strategy development based on confirmed objectives.

For this activity, refer to the case study and complete your answers to these assessment tasks in the space provided in the following pages.

From the scenario in your case study,

a) write down one or more specific financial objectives and expectations for the generic needs provided,

b) quantify the objective by expressing the amount in today’s dollars (PV- Present Value), and The next step in the Financial Service Advice Process includes the extraction and analysis of information according to research requirements and parameters.

This requires that:

Data extraction criteria are established that are relevant to intended use and client requirements and do not unduly limit the scope of research, Trends are identified to provide meaningful information on performance of possible strategies, products and markets, Financial products are analysed within appropriate timeframes to ensure currency of decision making and comprehensive risk assessment is made of products identified through the research, Obtained information is prioritised according to client requirements and
expectations, and Issues that require specialist research or advice are identified and appropriate advice obtained. Complete your answers to this assessment task in the spaces provided in the following pages.



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