FNSR2201 Fundamentals Of Financial Management

Learning Outcomes

1.Identify the role of accounting departments and the information it provides to managers

2.Identify and assess financial -and other performance measures for management decisions

3.Describe an organization’s operating functions and assess how operating information is used to make organizational improvements

4.Identify the cost components of an organization and how costs are measured Project Length and Format

You are required to conduct a case analysis using the Case Format provided below. Your case analysis should be around words and include all calculations, tables and worksheets and written in proper essay format with APA citations. Round to the near whole number.


The case study should include the following five sections:

1.Problem statement – what is the decision that the CEO needs to make. Include the  elements of the central problem(s) described in the case (identification of issues and challenges);

2.Company background – summarize the background of the organization and what led them to the current situation/problem. (identification of issues and challenges);

3.Analysis of company’s current situation – describe the alternatives under consideration. What is or might be causing the problem. Analyze and interpret the facts of the case that are relevant to the problem and its potential solution (cost and possible decisions);

4.Analysis of alternatives – financial analysis (calculations) to evaluate the alternative solutions the company needs to choose between. There are at least three distinct, realistic alternative solutions to the problem. Do the required calculations. (cost and possible decisions);

5.Recommendation – what is the alternative you recommend the company do. Why is it best solution compared to the other alternatives? State the chosen alternative that will deliver an effective solution to the problem (recommendation and support and evaluation and recommendation).



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