Geo 101 20 Questions

1. How many time zones are there across the world?

2. Which map would have the largest scale? a) city b) continent c) state d) world

3. Which method of data acquisition is not considered to be in the class of remote sensing? a) aerial photography b) weather satellite data c) landsat satellite data d) rain gauge data

4. Lines of latitude run (N/S or E/W) around the globe and are measured (N/S or E/W) of the Equator. Lines of longitude run (N/S or E/W) around the globe and are measured (N/S or E/W) of the Prime Meridian.

5. The world soil map has strong resemblance to the world climate map. Discuss the reasons for the similarities and differences between the two.

6. What is the external fuel that drives the atmosphere?

7. At the Tropic of Cancer the Sun is directly overhead at noon on the a) vernal equinox b) summer solstice c) autumnal equinox d) winter solstice

8. Which area receives the most seasonal variation in incoming radiation? a) equator b) high latitudes c) low latitudes d) tropics

9. What is word that means “the maximum amount of water vapor the air can hold”?

10. What is an urban heat island?

11. Precipitation occurs because air is warmed adiabatically as it rises. (True or False)

12. Periods of increasing glacier mass would likely be accompanied by decreasing ocean levels. (True or False)

13. Describe the greenhouse effect in terms of radiant energy exchanges.

14. What is “an extremely long ocean wave created by an underwater earthquake”?

15. Earthquakes are most likely to occur: a) in the center of tectonic plates b) at the equator c) where two tectonic plates meet d) none of the above

16. The place where the Earth’s crust actually moves is the ____________ of an earthquake.

17. Most rivers have relatively gentle gradients in the headwaters and steep gradients in their downstream portions. (True or False)

18. Would one expect to find more soluble materials in the soil of an arid region or the soil of a humid region? Why?

19. What is the difference between mass movement and erosion?

20. What type of vegetation is dominant in savannas? (Be specific.)


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