“Global Warming: News, Facts, Causes & Effects”

Stop 1: Select a volcanic active location for your first stop in your five-stop geologic tour. Do not select a location that is selected in a previous stop of your five-stop tour.

·         Stop 2: Select a location with a groundwater feature for your second stop in your five-stop Geologic Features Tour. Do not select a location that is selected in a previous stop of your five-stop tour.

·         Stop 3: Select a location with a shoreline feature  for your third stop in our five-stop Geologic Features Tour.  Do not select a location that is selected in a previous stop of your five-stops tour.

 Write a minimum 1050-word narrative (350 word for each stop), describing your selected first 3 geologic stops. In your summary, includes the following components:

o    Title (Name of your Location of Each Geologic Stop)

o    Cover Page

o    Three (3) Maps showing the location of each selected stop of the Geologic Tour

o    Introduction

o    Stop 1

§  Description of the volcanic activities

§  Origin and causes of volcanic activities

§  Relationship of Volcano to Plate Tectonic Theory

§  Hazardous associated with the volcano

§  Economic resources associated with the volcano

o    Stop 2

§  Description of the groundwater feature

§  Origin and causes of this groundwater feature

§  Impact of the human activities on groundwater resources in your selected area

§  Economic benefits (aquifers and drinking water wells) associated with the groundwater

o    Stop 3

§  Description of the shoreline feature

§  Origin and causes of this shoreline feature

§  Impact of the human activities on the shoreline in your selected area

§  Techniques used to preserve and protect the shoreline feature in your selected area

§  Description of the selected plate boundary

o    References page including used citations

·         Resources: Utilize at least three (3) credible sources for each stop in your geologic tour including the assigned Textbook and internet sites.  Please refer to the Webliography area for suggested internet sites. Wikipedia and other such editable sites are not authorized for use.

*Please ask for webliography upon accepting this assignment.*

·         The paper must follow APA guidelines including in text citations and a references page listing the used citations. Below is a link for help with APA Guidelines.


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