HA2011-Management Accounting

Purpose Of The Assessment

Implement systems to plan and control business operations


You were recently employed as a management trainee in a manufacturing firm. The Managing Director of your company had formed a taskforce was formed to explore the possibility of implementing an Activity-Based Budgeting system in the company. You were assigned to the taskforce due to your accounting background.


Your group is required to prepare a report to comment on the suitability of Activity-Based Budgeting for a ASX-listed manufacturing company of your group’s choice (your company). The report should cover the followings: a) A description of your company b) A description of the Activity-Based Budgeting and its features c) In what ways Activity-Based Budgeting differ from traditional budgeting system d) In what ways Activity-Based Budgeting can facilitate planning and control activities in your company e) A discussion on whether the Activity-Based Budgeting is suitable to your company


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