historical disasters

2. Assignment Objectives:

Read about historical disasters, describe an historical event and present emergency management lessons learned from the event.

Demonstrate an understanding of the nature and types of natural hazards, technological hazards and terrorist acts that pose risks to communities.

This assignment should take about 3 hours to complete.

The purpose of this assignment is to conduct library research on the relationship between emergency management and homeland security and to prepare a bibliography in correct American Psychological Association (APA) format. The articles that you find will serve as the basis for our discussion this week on the topic “Emergency Management and Terrorism.”

Using online library resources, find five articles on topics related to emergency management and terrorism.

Read the articles and use them as references in this week’s discussion.

Prepare a reference list of five articles on emergency management and terrorism with the correct American Psychological Association (APA) format.


Haddow, G.D., Bullock, J. A., & Coppola, D. P. (2011). Introduction to emergency management (4th ed.).    Burlington, MA: Elsevier.

Read Chapter 9: Emergency Management and the Terrorist Threat

Log in to the library’s Online Databases. Search the following Online Databases and retrieve one article from each source (five articles in total) about emergency management and terrorism.

  1. The State Newspaper and America’s Newspapers (http://libguides.columbiasc.edu/library; select Databases tab and log in using Columbia College login – same as email; find newspapers under database Types)
  2. Opposing Viewpoints In-Context (http://libguides.columbiasc.edu/library; select Databases tab and log in using Columbia College login – same as email)
  3. Academic Search Complete (http://libguides.columbiasc.edu/library; select Databases tab and log in using Columbia College login – same as email)
  4. Homeland Security Digital Libraryhttps://www.hsdl.org/
  5. United States Fire Administration digital libraryhttps://www.usfa.fema.gov/data/

This assignment addresses Learning Outcome 4. Students will be able to analyze disaster-related issues and problems and demonstrate knowledge of resources, response and recovery capabilities, and mitigation measures appropriate to address emergencies.


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