Hô Chi Minh’s Declaration of Independence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam

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From:Hô Chi Minh’s Declaration of Independence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, September 2, 1945

1)How does Hô Chi Minh point to inconsistencies of the French Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizenin respect to the French colony of Vietnam?Discuss the injustices and atrocities Minh points to in the Declaration.

From George Marshall, Speech at Harvard, 5 June 1947:

2) What does Marshall think the American people need to know about conditions in Europe? Why? What does he propose to do to help Europe?

FromNikita Khrushchev, Secret Speech to the Closed Session of the Twentieth Party Congress, February 25, 1956.

3) This speech is the opening salvo of de-Stalinization in the USSR after Stalin’s death in 1953.Why did Khrushchev decide to disclose Stalin’s crimes, and what were they? Why is this significant?


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