HOTE8 Tourism

Researchers in the travel and tourism field identify several years barriers (political, economic, socio-cultural, technological, environmental) that affecttourism growth in geographic areas of the world at varying degrees.In this assignment, you need to research three areas from different parts ofthe world, and you need to discuss which of these barriers mostly apply toeach chosen destination and what can be suggested to overcome thesebarriers. Finally, you need to discuss how the spread of the recentCOVID19 virus is also going to affect each of these destinaEnsure that you are clear about the instructions and expectationfor the assignment.

ii) Ensure you understand the concepts focused by the assignment(and provided in the course materials).
iii) Before you start composing your assignment, you may want toprepare an outline mapping out all the information you collectedand how it fits in the assignment topics (and structure) you mustcover.
B. Pacing the work
i) Estimate how much time you plan to allocate to planning, drafting,and revising your assignment.
ii) In the planning phase, you may want to have a time intervalbetween collecting and triaging information. This will ensure youwill not rush in using information that may not be useful, or using it solely due to time constraints as opposed to the worth of itscontent.
C. Organizing your assignment
In addition to following the instructions, please ensure to spell checkyour assignment, check format, and the final visual appearance ofyour document.
D. Formative feedback before submissionPlease discuss with your instructor the option to submit yourassignment in draft for formative feedback before final submission formarking.
E.ReferencingFor referencing and/or citations, please use APA guidelines found at

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