how a personal computer connects to the internet

Describe how a personal computer connects to the internet.

Submit a one and a half to two page paper in APA format.


In week 7 class discussion, we examined product life cycle stages described in textbook Chapter Eight. They are introduction, growth, competitive turbulence, maturity, and decline or extension.

As in the first two stages, companies compete against each other in offering customers with new product or service, obsessed with annual increases in sales volume, and/or market share. However, their offerings eventually will come to the stages of maturity and decline. As a matter of fact, in most developed western countries, majority of product markets are in the maturity or decline stages of their life cycles. Such as aging brands Adidas, Dell computer, Southwest Airline, McDonald’s fast food, etc

· Question #1 What challenges do companies face in mature markets, and declining markets?

· Question #2 What marketing strategies you would recommend for mature markets?

· Question #3 What marketing strategies you would recommend for declining markets?


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