I need a three paragraph response to a discussion question on an article critique

Post a critique of the research study in which you:

  • Evaluate the research questions and hypotheses using the Research Questions and Hypotheses Checklist as a guide
  • Identify the type of quantitative research design used and explain how the researchers implemented the design
  • Analyze alignment among the theory, problem, purpose, research questions and hypotheses, and design.

This is the checklist that should be used as a guideline.

Research Questions and Hypotheses Checklist

Use the following criteria to evaluate an author’s research questions and/or hypotheses.

Look for indications of the following:


  • Is the research question(s) a logical extension of the purpose of the study?
  • Does the research question(s) reflect the best question to address the problem?
  • Does the research question(s) align with the design of the study?
  • Does the research question(s) align with the method identified for collecting data?


If the study is qualitative, does the research question(s) do as follows?


  • Relate the central question to the qualitative approach


• Begin with What or How (not Why)


  • Focus on a single phenomenon
  • Use exploratory verbs
  • Use nondirectional language
  • Use an open-ended format
  • Specify the participants and research site


If the study is quantitative:


  • Do the descriptive questions seek to describe responses to major variables?
  • Do the inferential questions seek to compare groups or relate variables?
  • Do the inferential questions follow from a theory?
  • Are the variables positioned consistently from independent/predictor to dependent/outcome in the inferential questions?
  • Is a null and/or alternative hypothesis provided as a predictive statement?


Research Theory, Design, and Methods Walden University

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  • Is the hypothesis consistent with its respective research question?
  • Does the question(s) and/or hypothesis specify the participants and research site?


If the study is mixed methods, do the research questions and/or hypotheses do the following?


  • Include the characteristics of a good qualitative research question (as listed above)
  • Include the characteristics of a good quantitative research and/or hypothesis (as listed above)
  • Indicate how the researcher will mix or integrate the two approaches of the study
  • Specify the participants and research site
  • Convey the overall intent of the study that calls for a mixed methods approach



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