Identify 3 specific topics covered in the meeting with 2-3 supporting details and /or examples.

Select Your Own Assignment – Board Meeting/PTO Meeting Instructions

Attend a school board meeting of an entire locality or an individual school. A teacher faculty meeting may be attended for this assignment, if employed by the school. The school board meeting for an entire locality is most commonly held once a month. An individual school board meeting is often led by the parent/teacher organization and occurs once a month. You will need to research the school or school system to find out the location, time, and date of the meeting. The meetings are open to the general public.

Board Meeting Option/Video

A video of a board meeting is provided in the Reading & Study in the event that you are unable to attend your local school board or parent/teacher organization meeting, but still seek to choose this option.

Assignment Instructions

· The assignment must have a title page and main body of 500 word in summary of the meeting. No reference page is required.

· Provide the following 6 details in the summary: meeting date, location, length, name of school or system, person in charge of meeting, and a description of attendees to the meeting.

· Identify 3 specific topics covered in the meeting with 2-3 supporting details and /or examples.

· Provide personal reflection on 3 meeting topics about the way in which the issues were presented, addressed, and/or solved.

· Provide your general evaluation of the effectiveness of the meeting.

· Follow all APA formatting guidelines. Refer to the APA Basics in the instructions folder.

Important Information Regarding School Districts

Due to strict guidelines provided to Liberty University by the school districts we work with, it is imperative that you review this information regarding school districts.

A number of the school districts we work with request that students not contact them directly regarding any sort of placement (including faculty meetings). To determine what action you will be required to take, review the website before proceeding.

This assignment requires you to attend a meeting open to the public unless you are an employee of a school system and regularly attend faculty meetings. Public meeting dates, such as board meetings, can typically be found on the school system websites and/or calendar. Parent/Teacher Organization meeting dates open to the public can typically be found on an individual school’s website. There is typically no reason to contact an individual school or school system to attend a public meeting. Do not contact a school and request to attend a faculty meeting if not employed by the school.


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