Is Forgiving Student Loan Debt a Good Idea?”

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For the week 3 discussion board, let’s focus on Kayla Webley’s essay Is Forgiving Student Loan Debt a Good Idea?” (This essay is in our book on pp. 129-131.) Webley starts her argument by building an appeal to ethos and looking at the issue “from a human standpoint…” (130). She lists many reasons why a bailout of student loan debt is unrealistic or unfair, but admits that the system is broken, as colleges have no reason to keep tuition low and lenders have the ability to take advantage of students. Her last sentence is a quote from the person who started the online petition for student load debt forgiveness and he asks “If you disagree with me, what’s your solution?”

For this week’s discussion board, please post one primary post of at least 300 words telling the class what you think should be done about student loan debt. Debt forgiveness one time? On an ongoing basis? Free college? Nothing? Please explain your position and give a reason or example to support your position.

Book is not provided

Current Issues and Enduring Questions, by Sylvan Barnet  John O’Hara   ISBN 1319035477, edition 11.


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