List 5 safety practices you observed on this video

In the video “Creating a Safe Physical Environment for Toddlers” Doreen, the Center Director, and Garry, the teacher, offer many practices which will help to keep toddlers safe.  Of these:

1. List 5 safety practices you observed on this video.

2. Explain why each practice you identified is important for an environment with toddlers? 

Be sure to answer both of the questions above!

Grading Rubric: 6 points possible

Instructor Comments: Yes Partial No
Listed 5 safety practices discussed in the video 3-4 1-2 0
Clearly explained why these safety practices are important. 2 1 0
Total Possible Points for Question 1 = 6

Doreen and Gary also discuss the importance of safety practices related to teacher’s personal belongings. Answer the following questions keeping this portion of the video in mind.

1.What do they suggest teachers should do about their personal belongings?

2. Why does this seem important? 

These answers are worth 3 points each so be sure to answer the questions thoroughly!

Grading Rubric: 6 points for Question 2

Yes Partial No
Clearly discussed what teachers should do about their personal belongings 3 1-2 0
Clearly explained why this is important for children and teachers 3 1-2 0
Total Points for Question 2 – 6 points possible.

There are 4 questions in total. I have the transcripts rather than the video.


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