Watch movie “Machucha” (link can be provided) and write a 3 page paper responding to the following questions.

Include introduction paragraph. Each question can be its own paragraph. If use outside resources, cite in text and with MLA bibliography.

  1. Why did Allende’s democratic socialist revolution fail?
  2. How are race and ethnicity characterized in the film?
  3. In our primary sources we see both sides, a torturer and a guerrilla fighter. How do supporters of the dictatorship justify their actions? How do the guerrilla fighters justify their actions?
  4. How would you characterize the ending? What do you think it signifies?
  5. According to our film and primary source, “Confessions of a Torturer,” how did Pinochet and those who supported him justify the overthrow of President Allende and a democratically elected government?
  6. Why do you think race and ethnicity is so important in this community within the film?
  7. Allende’s presidency ultimately failed. Do you think this is because of external or internal forces? Both?
  8. Overall, how would you rate this film as an historical source?

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