main features of education

Compare and contrastat least2 and up to 4 main features of education(learning)in the High Middle Ages in Europe withat least2 and up to 4 corresponding main features of education(learning)in the United States during the21st Century.

2 appropriate main features each at least 5lines long in length =the usual 10points

3 appropriate main features each at least 5 lines long in length = 15 points

4appropriate main features each at least 5 lines long in length =20 points

Please make sure you LABEL each separate main feature 1,2,3,&4 when answering this question and put them inSEPARATE PARAGRAPHStoo. If you do not have 4 distinct main featuresfor me to evaluate you will not earn the maximum 20 points possible by having 20 or more lines of good content butONLYon 3 or LESSmain features covered here.


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