Mental Health Mental Healthcare and Implicit Bias Discussion

Question Description

Based on the assigned readings, the other activities for this week, and your clinical experiences, share your thoughts and observations about: (see the assign reading and watch the youtube)

1) The potential impact of social conditions on mental health and mental health care;

2) how implicit bias has impacted a patient; and

3) provide at least 2 strategies to decrease the potential for discriminatory behavior due to implicit bias.

Assigned readings

Hall, W.J., Chapman, M.V., Lee, K., Merino, Y.M., Thomas, T.W., Payne, K.Coyne-Beasley, T. (2015). Implicit racial/ethnic bias among health care professionals and its influence on health care outcomes: A systematic review. American Journal of Public Health, 105 (12), e60-e76.

Merino, Y., Adams, L., & Hall, W.J. (2018). “Implicit bias and mental health professionals: Priorities and directions for research.” Psychiatric Services, Washington, D.C.

Go to Race, Equality, and Equity and watch the clip.


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