MGMT 303 Non Profit Management

You are the Executive Director of a very well-known non-profit organization called “Inspire.”  Inspire seeks to help women and children (fleeing violence) reach their fullest potential through numerous programs and services.  Inspire is one of the largest non-profit organizations in your community with a high profile and known for their successful fundraising.
Through the annual financial audit there has been evidence found that indicate the Finance Director has been stealing funds which equate to approximately $500,000.
You are shocked!  The relationship you had with the Finance Director was one of trust, respect, and even a level of friendship.  The Finance Director also played a huge role in the staff social committee, wellness committee, and was essentially a true leader.  Everyone really “loved” the Finance Director.
As the Executive Director you are faced with a number of challenges and decisions.  Based on the following develop a plan of action:
1.How would you handle this from a human resources perspective with the Finance Director?
2.Thinking from a legal concept, what steps would you take to fulfill any obligations you may have?
3.Thinking from a governance perspective, how would you approach this with your board and what role would they play?
4.Thinking about this from an organizational morale, what steps would you take?
5.Thinking about this from a community, government, and stakeholder relations what steps would you take?



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