MGT 4302 Business Strategy


Structure of the final team report the report should follow the general guidelines for case analysis; that is, it should include:

•A discussion of the key strategic issues facing the firm (See ‘Tips for issue identification’)
•An analysis of the external and internal environment (incl. financial analysis)
•Strategic alternatives
•Final recommendations
•Suggestions for implementation

Be sure to link your analysis to the strategic alternatives and recommendations (your analysis should back up your arguments). Avoid loose statements and opinions that are not supported by data and analysis. Financial analysis should be used to support your arguments and recommendations. Financial ratio analysis should be discussed in the Internal Analysis section of the paper, but the actual table of ratios may be placed in the appendix. Your recommendations are the most important part of the paper. A key goal of the project is to have you think carefully about what the company should be doing and how to implement those recommendations. The report must be presented in a professional manner. Don’t hesitate to use charts, tables etc. and to put them in the appendix. Please note that appendices must be referenced in the text – we must know how they fit in with your paper. The paper has to be well-edited and spell-checked. Typos or edit problems will result in point deductions. Conducting your research, the goal is to conduct original research and analysis on the key issues and current situation facing the company you have chosen. Do make sure you use varied, high quality sources of information – annual reports, industry surveys, magazine and journal articles, etc. Every team is strongly advised to use company annual/ quarterly reports and the latest survey of the industry (Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s usually put out industry surveys).

Please note that:

(a) A company’s own statement/reports should be taken with a “grain of salt” – they are usually biased.

(b) Define the industry (e.g. U.S. athletic shoes; online jewelry retail) carefully.

(c) Make sure you have analyzed the company results for the latest quarter available, and that you have up-to-date information. Statistics and data must be referenced properly. For example, if you state that the GDP is growing at the rate of 2.9% annually, provide a reference for this. A list of bibliographic references at the end of the paper is also necessary. Also, make sure you appropriately quote or references ideas/ statistics that are not your own. Do not engage in any form of plagiarism. Remember that plagiarism constitutes academic dishonesty and the University has policies against it. The main body of the paper should not exceed 12 pages (double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font size, 2.5 cm margin), excluding the title page, index and any appendices. Please number the pages. SAP Guidelines 2 The written team paper will account for 25% the final grade


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