Midddle Age and Adolescent Paper

1.Considering widespread divorce, what have you observed in marriage that works? Does this relate to Dr. Feldman’s observations or the research I reported in the text lecture?Chapter 14.-make reference to the notes.

Consider John Holland’s list of personality types. What do you see as a description of you (one or two traits) and what kind of work do you see consistent with your personality type? 150-200WORDS.

2.We have learned that Middle Adulthood (40-65) is a time of gradual decline, physically and intellectually. Tell us about examples you have seen of people you admire in their Middle Adult years, even with all the challenges of growing older and threats of disease and forgetfulness.

Hopefully we will all go through these years, so write about lessons you have learned to help you age with grace and success. Perhaps you have seen poor examples of dealing with life in this stage, and you may have observations about lessons you have learned from bad examples also.Chapter 15.Make reference or cite the lecture notes.150-200WORDS.

3.Middle Adult Crises

Have you observed or experienced any of the big adjustments of Middle Adulthood:

  • Midlife Crisis (or midlife re-evaluation)
  • Empty Nest Syndrome
  • Boomerang Children
  • Sandwich Generation
  • Burnout

Tell us about your observations. What made these situations worse? And what helped?200 WORDS.LECTURE 13 NOTES.


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