Need help with these questions

1. You have fallen down a slippery well 10 feet deep. Every hour you are able to climb 2 feet out of the well, but then slip down 1 foot. How many hours total will it take for you to climb out of the well? *

2. Which of the following fractions are GREATER than ½? (check all that apply, if any) *

    • 2/5
    • 45/75
    • 6/13
    • 20/42
    • 8/15

3. Sarah is 30 years old. She is twice as old as her friend Bill and Bill is 5 times as old as his sister Jane. Jane’s mom is 12 times older than Jane. What is the age difference between Jane’s mom and Sarah? *


He ate all of his dinner _____ the brussel sprouts. *

    • Accept
    • Except

I am taller ____ you! *

    • Then
    • Than

Park your car over ______. *

    • Their
    • There
    • They’re

You know those guys, _______ always around. *

    • Their
    • There
    • There
    • They’re

Do you need ______ jacket? It’s cold outside. *

    • Your
    • You’re

____ my best friend! *

    • Your
    • You’re

You can do that, _______ easy! *

    • Its
    • It’s

Have you ever seen the movie star wars. Its my favorite movie! I think the original movies in the series are alot better then the new trilogy. *

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