New Mexico geography

1)  List the 8 eras of New Mexico geography:  name three Athabaskan Nations and three Pueblo Nations

2)  List and briefly explain what factors created Spanish conquistador culture and how that helped make Spanish settlement in New Mexico successful

3)  List the four types of land grants given by Spain and Mexico:  list three ways in which land grants were lost during the American Period, and say how many acres of the original grants were retained

4) List and briefly explain how the Santuario de Chimayo become such a sacred site

5) List and briefly explain how New Mexico became a state:  why was this delayed until 1912?

6) List and briefly explain the landscape traits created by the Laws of the Indies

7) List and briefly explain what caused the Mexican-American War and what was the outcome?


8) List and briefly explain how and why Las Cruces was established



Chihuahuan Desert, land tenure, conversos, Don Juan de Oñate, El Camino Real, Rio Arriba/Rio Abajo, repartimento, encomienda, Pueblo Revolt, Sandoval Decision, alcalde, mayordomo, genizaro towns, Tierra Amarilla land grant, Mesilla Civil Colony land grant, Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Gadsden Purchase, Thomas Catron, La Llorona, Battle of Glorieta Pass, Goodnight-Loving Trail, Tortugas Pueblo as an “intentional community”,  Pancho Villa’s raid on Columbus,  Aztlán narrative, how many lives were saved by the Manhattan Project, NAFTA, femicides, colonias, post-colonial landscape


if the definitions talk ask about a person write about him in one or two sentences.


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