OPER1160 Supply Chain Management

Choose a Canadian company, or an international one with Canadian operations.

There are 3 research parts to this assignment detailed below – 1) careers, 2) Operations Management decisions and 3) mission statement, strategies and competitive advantages. The theory required will be covered during the first 3 weeks of classes.

C) Report Submission
a) Submit your report of about two pages for each of Part 1), Part 2), and Part 3) below to the Assignment Dropbox at least 12 hours before the due date so the Learning System can check for plagiarism. Total report length should be 5 to 6 pages not including the title page or bibliography. Formatting details are below and in the Marking Guide.
b) Upload report to your Dropbox by June 10 at 09:00AM. Late reports receive a grade of 0.  Spelling, grammar and format are important.  Refer to the Marking Guide for marking details.

Part 1) Careers
Research a specific career from the Supply Chain & Operations field used by the company selected in Part I to find out more about that career and its’ compensation. The career title must come from one of 2 sources. A) A Supply Chain Career listed in the following link SCMA – NOC Codes or B) The 10 OM decision areas found in Table 1.2 (pg. 9) of your text.

Step A)
Choose a career that interests you and look up the NOC code from the Careers in Supply Chain link under Research on pg. 1.

Step B)
Research the responsibilities of that career from the NOC code or from a current Canadian job posting for your chosen company.

Step C)
Research the salary expectations for the job posting in Step B. (See Salary Expectations below for details)

Step D)
You will be starting a typed report to be submitted to your instructor in class and to the Assignment Dropbox which:
1.Includes a title page.
2.In the first paragraph lists and briefly describes the chosen company, its main products and/or services, the job title of the selected posting and its NOC code.
3.Describes a minimum of 8 job responsibilities and/or requirements of the career selected. Can be in point form.
4.Identifies and explains 2 job responsibilities from 3) above that you would find very interesting.
5.Identifies and explains 2 job responsibilities from 3) above that you would find not attractive.



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