OPMT 1198 Operations Management Fundamentals

Your report must contain ALL of the following, in this order. Note that depending upon the scenario you choose some issues will be of a higher concern than others and will require further details.

  1. Identification of the Customer and what they specifically Value from the firm
  2. Scope of the business- what is included and what is not included and why
  3. Nature of the business: VALUE it provides to its customers – be very specific – this is the intrinsic value
  4. Mission Statement of the firm
  5. Products and/or services offered – full description and design of each
  6. Forecast of Demand for products or services for next 12 months – forecasting method and how it will be monitored
  7. Process flow of the operation- show diagram and explain fully
  8. Business layout – show layout diagram and explain why laid out this way and how this layout improves operations efficiency
  9. Identification of any equipment required to carry out the business
  10. Staffing requirements –organizational structure of the operations

Work Systems to be employed within the business – work design & who will carry out the work and how will they do it (job descriptions each operations role


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