Opmt 2275 Warehouse Management

Using the materials learned each week throughout this course, create a comprehensive warehousing and logistics plan for the given scenario provided to you.

Both the written report and the presentation must be completed to a highly professional level which could be provided to any major firm or government agency. Clarity, appearance, content, spelling and grammar are all important aspects.

Where information is not provided you may make assumptions based upon business logic. These assumptions must be listed in your proposal under a separate page titled: Statement of Assumptions.

Written Report

Prepare a comprehensive proposal that must address

1.Identification of your customer(s) and their specific needs
2.Benefits of the plan: what specific Value(s) does it provide to the customers?
3.Explanation of business operations in relation to warehousing activities
4.Scope of the plan- what is included and what is not included and why omitted
5.Warehousing operations – what specific activities take place, where, when, why  and how often
6.Identification of WH key performance measurements to gauge success
7.Products to be warehoused/supplied
8.Warehouse layout
9.Warehouse staffing requirements –organizational structure and positions
10.Any potential WH capacity issues or limitations
11.Inventory control/materials requirements or supply chain/distribution considerations
12.Scheduling and control over warehouse/logistics activities
13.Distribution activities
14.WH Risk and Contingency planning for unforeseen issues that could arise
15.Other issues important to your proposal – quality control, suppliers, packaging, government regulations, environment, etc.

The report must begin with an Executive Summary followed by the Statement of Assumptions, listing any assumptions you have made based upon the limited information presented in the provided material. Then each section covered must take into consideration these assumptions you have made. Each section should take into account the subject materials presented within each week’s class.


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