OPMT 620 Operations Management OPMT 620 Operations Management

The Case Study is based on Carestream Health Inc.: When Disruption Hits a Lean Supply Chain. Use formulae, Charts, etc. wherever necessary. 1. Analyze the company using the information from the case study and also from online sources. 2. Review the company’s business and competitors. Were other companies affected by the strike? 3. Was the company affected by the dock strikes last year? Has the company been affected by Covid-19? What happened? 4. What causes variation in the company’s supply chain? 5. What were the managerial problems caused by the labor strike? What are the company’s options? What is the feasibility of those options? Provide your reasoning. 6. If you were a manager in the meeting how would you decide when to use airfreight and how would you calculate the relative cost of airfreight vs. regular transport? In answering these questions, you need to show your reasoning supported by information provided by your sources. You must use outside references in your research. The writeup is to be in APA format. Use the APA template and refer to the APA 7th edition information. You will need a cover page, a one-page introduction summarizing the case and an abstract. Make sure pages are numbered and references and citations are done properly. You must cite the case study and the textbook in your references as well. You must cite your references properly in your paper.


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