Organization Intervention Assignment 4

Organization Intervention Assignment 4

Take time to think about your responses and begin crafting them now. Students must upload the final response to the assessment’s module this week. This time is for working on a draft.

Use the reading Fisher, S. (2007). Economic human rights violations experienced by women with children in the United States. Families in Society, 91(4), 356–362 to assist you in completing the following tasks.

Again, referring to the hypothetical welfare-to-work program we have been working with, and using Articles 23–26 of the UNDHR as a standard:

  • Identify some of the opportunities the program (as you have structured it in your logic model) has to potentially enhance the realization of participants’ human rights.
  • Identify for the program (as you have structured it in your logic model) ways it can inadvertently cause human rights violations.

Please write two pages total for your response to the above questions.

Choose one violation from each of the four tables presented in the article. Answer the following set of questions about each of the violations:

  • Does your intervention, as planned, remedy the violation?If so, how?
  • If not, what changes will you need to make to your intervention in order to correct that violation?

Please write two pages total for your response to the above questions.

Assessment Rubric

  • Students will use the UNDHR as  a standard with which to evaluate an intervention.
  • Students will use their  analysis to recommend an optimal intervention.
  • Students will recommend interventions that meet the standards of human rights and social, economic, and environmental justice.

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