Performance below grade level in a public school

Scenario: You have recently been hired to teach at a public school. Prior to your first day of school, you receive some background on your new class. Reviewing the information you see that roughly 30% of your expected students are currently performing below grade level.

  1. What steps will you take during the first few days/weeks of school to orient yourself to the needs and context of your students and to familiarize yourself to the school community (e.g. co-workers, administration/principal, parents, etc.)?
  2. Describe your end of academic year goals for your students. What do you hope they will be able to achieve? How will you know if you are successful? How might you adjust your goals and strategies to meet the needs of learners below grade level or learners with other special academic needs?
  3. What specific strategies or next steps would you pursue if your instructional efforts are not yielding your expected results by the first-half of the school year?

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