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 Please complete assignment and cite sources according to APA standards.Please read instructions below and answer the questions below based off of the below video link:In this age of information, we are bombarded with images and issues and causes on a daily basis. We have the ability to become active in addressing injustice, just as we have the ability to become complacent, because the injustice isn’t happening to “us”. Watch the TED talk given by Clint SmithThe Danger of Silence(Links to an external site.)and discuss his message. How does his message about injustice and the historical ideals of our past connect? Write a thoughtful response (300-350 words) to the following (and any other) questions: What does his talk address, on a deeper level and how do you respond? What information from your Take-Aways/Readings connect to the ideas of injustice in education and the continuation of the same practices? What have you witnessed (either as a personal experience or to someone you know) that is similar in terms of educational inequity (social inequity will suffice)? How does Clint Smith III’s message relate to any experience you have had or witnessed in your personal or educational career?


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