To create a PowerPoint that could be used communicate the design of a program evaluation or intervention research study. The focus of this assignment is to convey the essential structure of your Research Proposal. While you will prepare and submit the proposal in PowerPoint you will not have to give a presentation during the course.


Each student is asked to prepare the Research Proposal in PowerPoint. The focus of the presentation should be to provide a comprehensive and cogent overview of the purposes of the project.

Your Research Proposal will be evaluated on two primary criteria: (a) comprehensiveness and clarity of the proposed study’s methodology presentation (b) quality of the appearance of the PowerPoint.

The PowerPoint should consist of the following slides:

1. Introduction (Maximum of total 5 slides for this section):

Statement of the problem (1 slide)

Description of the program or intervention to be evaluated (1 – slide)

Logic Model [input, output and outcomes) (1- 3 slides)

2. Literature Review (Maximum of total 2 slides for this section)

Summary of current evidence for the program or intervention effectiveness (1-2 slides)

3. Study Aims (Maximum of total 2 slides for this section)

Aims and objectives (1 slide)

Hypotheses (1 slide)

4. Methods (Maximum of total 1 slide for this section)

Study design, e.g., Observational/Survey, pre-experimental, quasi-experimental, experimental. (1 slide)

5. Sample (Maximum of total 3 slide for this section)

Study population and Eligibility (1 – 2 slides)

Sampling and Recruitment strategy (1-2 slide2)


6. Measurement (Maximum of total 5 slide for this section)

Identify the variables that will be measured (e.g.., outcomes, output and other variables) (1-2 slides)

Describe at least one measure of a study outcome ( 1-2 slides)

Specify how program or intervention fidelity will be assessed ( 1-2 slides)


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