Racial and discrimination element

Racial and discrimination element could be found in every American. Lorraine Hansberry through his play “A raisin in the sun” clearly elaborate and explained this ability of American. In her play she relates the story of an African American family. American believes on high position and they do not take seriously who are and where you come from. Her play is a depiction of our cultural legacy in which she expresses a story of Younger family. This is an African American family. This family consists of five members. Mama, she is the widow of Mr. Younger who has been died.

Walter is the son of mama; he is married and has a son. Beneatha is the daughter of the mama and she is a medical college student. This family is living into a two bedrooms apartment on the backside of Chicago. When we go through the whole story of the Younger’s family, we came to know that every member of the family does have different dreams. They are living extremely serious problem. This play gives a vivid picture of interdisciplinary lesson and revolves around the materialistic life in which everyone wants to help each other and develop love and care for each other.

Younger Family

The gives the perilous way to the Younger family to fulfill their dreams and live a peaceful life. Mama who is the widow of the Mr. younger wants to buy house and wishes to spend money on the career of her daughter. Walter is a materialistic man. He dreams to have a wealthy and extra-ordinary life.

Story so far. Younger family gets a check of $10,000 for the death of their father insurance policy. Now they are expecting to acquire their dreams. Walter tells the story on this site of their future to his son. He wants to have everything that he wished in his childhood for his son. He thinks he will provide every possible facility to his son that he had never when he was a child.

This story clearly expresses the wish to fulfill dream, where each has a dream and he wants to acquire his dream. This play also portraits the clear picture of our cultural legacy. We just look down upon the black community and behave like they are less prior.

Sentencing guidelines put people in prison for a gratuitous amount of time, which costs the taxpayers immensely with no tangible social benefit. Repealing minimum sentencing would allow judges to choose punishment that fits the crime and give less prison time to the non-violence of mandatory minimum sentencing, which would help reduce unfair prison sentencing and racial discrimination.


In conclusion the need for continuing to teach diversity and cultural awareness in society has proven to be beneficial in ways that used to be only neglected action. Learning cultural sensitivity will continue to impact minorities each day (Price, 2010). As cultural sensitivity is growing each day in society more individuals should continue to stay active in learning to assimilate themselves with a minority’s culture and build a better relationship with them. Due to variety of different cultures of minorities individuals will continue to be taught how to be culturally aware and sensitive.

Individuals are starting to become experts when dealing with instances of having to be culturally aware or culturally sensitive, in turn the barriers pertaining to understanding a minorities culture are starting to be eliminated. Depending on what the minority needs pertaining to their cultural norms and values it will determine what services and additional resources that will provided for the minority. Individuals can understand the both the minorities cultural norms and values, this will not only benefit the minority because they feel comfortable around the individual. The society will benefit because minorities will feel a sense of trust and they will become more productive members of society. Making it a stress free and happy society for all parties.


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