recapping the experiences of Americans from before World War I (WWI)

please open the attachedInstructionsTHIS JUST IN: You work for a national radio broadcasting company, and it is your job to create the typed broadcast for the evening news, recapping the experiences of Americans from before World War I (WWI) as well as after the war.For your story to be valid and accepted by a wide audience, it must include the home-front experiences of many groups; to help with your story, choose at least three topics below to discuss in your broadcast. What changed because of the movement from isolationism to expansionism? How did the Roosevelt Corollary change America’s role in the world? Assess the relevance of people’s concerns about the war’s impact on the international community. Assess the war’s economic impact, including the expansion of factories due to wartime production. What domestic and international figures played key roles in the war? How is the United States in the post-war era positioned to become a superpower?With any good news story, you must utilize multiple sources. Your story must be a minimum of two pages in length. A minimum of two reputable sources must be used, cited, and referenced, one of which must come from the CSU Online Library.(attached) This means you will need to find at least one additional source on your own, and it cannot be the content provided in this course (i.e., unit lessons or U.S. History resource). Inappropriate resources, or failure to use at least one resource available in the CSU Online Library, can lead to deductions. Click here to view a resource on evaluating websites to use in your research.Your report must be in essay form, and all citations and references must follow APA format.If you need clarification on any of the grading elements, please contact your professor. CSU librarians are also available should you need assistance with your research for this assignment.PLEASE AVOID THESE SOURCES:1. Wikipedia or any online encyclopedia including the Salem Press Encyclopedia and excepting the Stanford Dictionary of Philosophy and the EHNet (Association of Economic Historians). Other encyclopedias are written with a specific political agenda and/or are not written by experts in the field to reveal complex histories. 2. Any history “.com” site or any site that is clearly a simplified story (no obvious use of sources, no discussion of debates and issues in historical interpretation) like,, etc.3. Any help site or any blog where people give you answers. Again, the discussions are not ‘vetted’ by experts and tend to oversimplify.4. Any pay for work site whether or not you paid. This use will result in a zero for the entire assessment or assignment with no possibility of revision.5. Any thing published by History Today, Scholastic, or Calliope because these are not scholarly sources and the last two are for primary and high school students, not for work at the college level. These sources may lead to over-generalizations in your essays.


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