Representing Independence

In 250-300 words, consider the sources on “Representing Independence” Using at least two (2) of the visual sources assess how newly independent nations sought define themselves in relationship to their colonial and pre-colonial past and to an independent future.

2. In 250-300 words: How did the New Deal (Franklin D. Roosevelt in the United States) and European fascism (Hitler in Germany, Mussolini in Italy) represent different responses to the economic and political crises that followed the First World War? Use at least two specific examples from two different soceities

III. Short Essay (50 points)

Write no less than three paragraphs (approx. 500 words) responding to the prompt. You should include an introduction and concluson, as well as a thesis statement. You are expected to use no fewer than four (4) specific examples from the primary source documents and at least one (1) quote.

Define the word revolution and then assess the effects and consequences of one (1) revolution from EACH “pod” below in an organized and persuasive essay. Be sure to consider the relative (comparative) importance of each revolution. Think about how each contributed to the making of a modern world.

Pod 1: Colonial encounters and trade or industrialization Pod 2: French, Haitian , Latin American, or the New Imperialism Pod 3: World War I, fascism, Communism, or decolonization (ch. 22)


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