Same Sex Relationships Involving A Cultural Identifier And The Implications For K-12 Public Education

research paper on a controversial topic

involving a cultural identifier and the implications for K-12 public education.The final

version will be submitted in Topic 7. Using a minimum of three scholarly journal articles

from the last three years complete your paper so that it addresses the following:

Describes the cultural identifiers discussed in the articles. Summarizes the historical

background of the cultural identifiers and associated controversial topic in K-12

education. Identifies 2-3 arguments presented for and 2-3 arguments against the issue.

Discusses associated injustices arising from the issue, including how teachers and

students are affected by the cultural identifiers and associated controversial topic

Explains solutions you recommend implementing to remedy the associated injustices,

and why you selected them. Concludes by identifying where you fall on the cultural

competence continuum in relation to the issue, including your commitment to

understanding others’ frames of reference (e.g., culture, gender, language, abilities,

ways of knowing), in order to reduce personal biases and improve relationships with

colleagues, students, and students’ families.


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