Science Vs Religion

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The ethos of scientism and postmodernism has exacerbated the perceived philosophical and cultural tension between science and religion. What is your perception of this tension? Use the lecture and the topic readings to support your response

In my personal perception science does not pay respect to spirituality, faith and religion. Science focuses more on the factual scientific information. Ann Bishop goes on to report that “Scientism is the belief that the only way to have knowledge of reality is by means of understanding science if it is not known scientifically it is not known” (Ann Bishop 1994).  Studies show that science does not have the ability to negotiate ethical judgments or view moral dilemmas, it is based off of factual information and evolution. Science helps us have an understanding of the human body and how it works, this is very important in the medical arena. Scientific training is a key element in medicine as we practice it today. “Anne Bishop & John Souder insisted that nursing is neither an art nor science by that of a practice that draws on both the art and science” (Patricia Benner, ed,. 1994).

Today we live in a world where it is okay to have many different religious and cultural beliefs that are openly practiced in society today. Spirituality is so widely accepted in nursing and has been for thousands of years. Today there is many different religious beliefs that when accepting a new patient in the hospital it is standard of care to pay attention if the staff needs to pay respect to their particular beliefs. People today impose their beliefs and practice openly. People want to believe that their spiritual beliefs are the right ones. Many people have been raised to have some sort of religious practice by blind faith.

As a health care provider it is important to recognize science and spirituality with a fine balance. In a health care setting people need to be able to freely practice their religious rituals in order to feel whole. This helps with the healing process.


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