SGMA 591 Strategic Management


The purpose of this case is for you to apply the concepts from the course to provide a clear and concise analysis of the information presented in the case. The few questions provided to you at the bottom of this document may be used to guide your analysis and assist you with identifying the key issue(s), and focusing on areas that need to be addressed in developing your alternatives and recommendations. You could use the case analysis template we discussed in class (i.e., industry definition, Identification of the key issue(s), external and internal analyses, development of alternatives, and discussing the recommendations, and implementation plan). Should you choose to only answer the questions (not recommended), do your best to discuss any relevant and important pieces of information in your analysis and apply as many tools and frameworks from the course as possible. For the purpose of this assignment, you must not include any additional resources beyond the information presented in the case. I will be particularly interested in your ability to illustrate the application of the course content (lecture, text, slides, tools and frameworks, etc.) in supporting your arguments and positions that you will take.
Remember, the general quality expectation for a case analysis in this capstone strategy course is for students to balance the amount of analysis they do (~70% of the paper) with the other 30% being synthesis of information (i.e., generating new insights, introducing conditions and parameters which would support the implementation of alternatives and recommendations, listing assumptions, etc.).

The guiding questions for this case are:

1. Who were the target customers of Flashfood.Shop? Compared with retailing of online food delivery and retailing of fresh meals in convenience stores, what special demands for these customers could Flashfood.Shop meet?
2. Why was Ji able to enter the industry of self-service retailing of fresh meals and establish Flashfood.Shop? What advantages did he have?
3. What was the key process for Flashfood.Shop to ensure the normal operation of the self-service fresh meals retail platform?
4. If you were Ji, what measures would you take to help Flashfood.Shop resolve its current issues?


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