significance of women to U. S. history and culture

Select three works that you believe would best represent the contribution and significance of women to U. S. history and culture.

Your selections may include examples of visual art, literature, historical artifacts, or other historical documents like letters—any cultural object that might be exhibited in a museum or library. Your selections should be specific, however. For example, “court cases” is not a specific selection. Instead choose one specific case or specific transcript that you want represented.

Explain your reasons for why these selections are meaningful choices to represent the history and human experience of women. How did you make your decision? Were you aware of certain criteria or cultural values that influenced your selections?

Reply to at least two other classmates. Take the time to fully consider their selections, as well as how our different selections might create a very different impression of women in history to someone less informed. (It is possible even that some of your or your classmates’ selections could inspire an approach to the Cultural Artifact/Intersectional Analysis Essay.)


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