Smart Statistics Key to Fighting Crime Ted Talk Questions

– Watching this TEdTalk

– Answering two multiple choice question

1. What percentage of inmates are low-level criminals, those unlikely to reoffend?

a. 50%


c. 15%

d. 5%

2. How many risk factors did Milgram’s team find are the most highly predictive?

a. 9

b. 7

c. 90


– Answer these two writing questions

1. How might Bias influence a judges decision making?

2. Each of us, as humans, uses heuristics. It is a challenge for many of us to know whether we are using biased heuristics or actual data for our decisions. Everyday we make thousands of decisions that don’t impact anyone else. Are there decisions that you make in your job or life that might impact someone’s life? Does age, or education level, or race or gender or sexual orientation impact those decisions? Does it impact those decisions in a positive or negative way?


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