Substance Abuse and Generations/CISD/FTO

Topic 1: Substance Abuse and Generations

How can the impact of genetic markers related to increased susceptibility to substance addiction predict the tendency of future generations to display abusive behavior? In Chapter 7, you learned about domestic abuse and chemical dependency. Addiction and drug use have caused an increase in drug-related crises. Is there evidence stating that chemical dependency is passed on from one generation to another?

Topic 2: CISD

Based on the information in the article by Everly and Mitchell, what is your opinion of CISD? Is it beneficial for crisis work? If you have had experience with this form of intervention, how did you feel after going through it? Did it help?

Topic 3: FTO

How important is the FTO role in an agency? Should there be a formal process, and should the officers who are FTOs be volunteers?

Answer each question seperately


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