Survey Method Plan

Design a plan for the procedures to be used in a survey study. Review the checklist in Table 8.1 on page 165 of your textbook to determine if all questions for designing a survey method have been addressed. Remember to incorporate concepts and terminologies learned from your textbook and lectures.

Complete the following:

  1. State the research hypothesis.
  2. Analyze and discuss the research population and how you intend to achieve a sample for your project.
  3. Construct a survey instrument containing 5 items that you intend to use in testing the variables in your research hypothesis. The items should be forced response using the Likert scale response set (strongly agree, agree, no opinion, disagree, strongly disagree). The survey instrument should contain a demographic section that identifies some of the respondent’s characteristics.

Complete this assignment in a Microsoft Word document. It should be approximately 1 to 2 pages long and single-spaced.


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