Telling the Story

Hector is a 35-year-old Hispanic male.  Hector was seriously injured in an auto accident 5 months ago.  He spent 4 months in the hospital.  One leg and hip suffered permanent damage.  He will probably always need a cane and walk with a limp.  He also has limited mobility in his right arm and shoulder and cannot lift anything heavy.

Hector grew up in a family with a construction business.  He has been working in construction since high school.  Social work at the rehab hospital referred Hector to counseling because he is not adjusting well to his injuries.  He is very depressed and angry because he cannot continue to work in his chosen occupation.  Hector says, “What use am I now?  I am the man in the family.  I should be strong.  I need to support the family.  I don’t want my wife to work.  I don’t know what I am going to do to make a living.”

Hector still experiences severe pain in his shoulder and his leg.  He spends a lot of time watching TV and drinking.  At this point, he is not looking for work.  His family has reached out to him but he avoids interaction with his siblings and his parents because they remind him of what he no longer can do.  He feels shame when he is around family members because of his disability.  His relationship with his wife is tense because he is often angry and withdrawn.

You are meeting with Hector for the first time and want to get the story.

As we meet with a new client we develop some hypotheses to explore, as well as listening to what the client says about himself.

Write a 750-1,000-word paper addressing the following:

What are some of primary issues that Hector is addressing?

What are some of Hector’s feelings?

What are Hector’s behaviors and how are these impacting his adjustment?

How might Hector’s cultural heritage be impacting his adjustment to his injury?

What are some beliefs that may be impacting Hector’s adjustment?

How might Hector’s family background be impacting his adjustment?

What might be some issues that will need to be addressed in counseling?

What are the stages of problem management the counselor will help Hector through?  Provide a brief definition of each stage.

What steps can a counselor take to help Hector explore his problem?

Include at three scholarly references in your paper, including

Egan, G. (2014). The Skilled Helper, 10th Edition. Belmont: Brooks/Cole, Cenage Learning.

At least two resources should identify issues that need to be addressed when you are working with someone who is being rehabilitated from a serious injury.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines


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