the Atlantic Revolutions

short Answers (3 questions x 20 points each = 60 points)In this section, you will respond to each prompt as directed.

In 250-300 Words- Imagine that you are writing an essay on the origins of the Atlantic Revolutions (e.g. French, American, Haitian), “Of the many causes that historians identify, which factor most contributed to the origins and spread of revolutionary thought and action in the Atlantic World.” You recall a number of possible causes: financial distress (e.g. on the state), social inequality (e.g. poverty), radical ideas about liberty and equality (the Enlightenment). Using this information, craft a contestable and persuasive thesis statement that responds to the imaginary essay prompt above. Be sure to review Writing a Thesis Statement and Making an Argument.

2 in 250-300 words describe and explain at least two (2) of the major changes brought by industrialization. What changed and to what effect (for good or bad?).

3. In 250-300 words: How did Africans and Asians’ encounters with Europeans during “second-wave” European colonization change who they were as people (e.g. identity, labor/work, gender, education, dress, religion)?

III. Short Essay (30 points)

Write no less than three paragraphs (approx. 500 words) responding to the prompt. You should include an introduction and concluson, as well as a thesis statement.

How were the experiences of enslaved Africans and colonized South Asians different or similar? How did they respond to their plights similarly or differently? Did Europeans treat them similarly or differently?


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