the changing economic landscape of the United States

Question 1

Discuss the changing economic landscape of the United States between the world wars. In your response, trace the highs and lows from the fallout of World War I, the onset of the Great Depression, and the impact of the New Deal. How did these trends have an impact on marginalized communities?

Your response should be a minimum of 300 words , in your OWN WORDS !!

Question 2 Pt 1 ( no word count but reply must be engaging )

For your first post, use specific examples from our reading to consider how the cultural products of the Great Depression served to reflect and shape Americans’ fears and concerns during that period.

Question 2 pt. 2( no word count but reply must be engaging )

For your second post, compare a classmate’s first post re: our reading to how the Great Depression is “memorialized” or presented in media or literature. If you see a difference between the movies and literature about that time and the scholarly histories of that time, please explain what you see.


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